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Why Appraise


If you are selling or refinancing your home, it will be to your benefit to see that the appraisal process goes smoothly. There are several things that you can do prior to the arrival of the appraiser that can ensure a proper and accurate appraisal.

Legal and Title Issues
Other Issues

In most cases, lenders want the appraisal to reflect the “as is” status of the property. This means that the appraiser needs to have access to all areas of the home. Otherwise, the appraiser will need to make the appraisal “subject to” certain assumptions about areas the appraiser cannot access and the lender may refuse to make the loan. To facilitate access, you can:

  • Make sure that all rooms can be entered by the appraiser. For example, if some family members work nights and sleep days, arrangements will need to be made for the appraiser to view all rooms.
  • Ensure that appraiser has clean and dry access to crawlspaces and attics. Access doors must be opened so the appraiser can at least conduct a “head and shoulders” viewing.
  • Garages, storage areas, closets, basements, etc. all must be viewed by the appraiser.
  • The appraiser will be taking interior and exterior photographs

  • Fees

    Like any service, appraisal fees are directly related to the amount of time the appraiser spends in providing the service. The amount of development time may vary from one assignment to another even though the reports for different assignments may look similar. While an appraisal assignment involves both development and reporting of assignment results, the client sees only the appraisal report.
  • URAR 1004 – $500.00
  • URAR – FHA – $600.00
  • 2055 Exterior Only Inspection (2005) – $350.00
  • 1025 Small Residential Income Report – $700.00
  • 1025 Small Residential Income Report FHA – $800.00
  • 1073 Individual Condo Unit Report – $500.00
  • Operating and Income Statement – $100.00
  • Rent Schedule (Comparables) – $100.00
  • Trip Fee – $200.00
  • Order